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"Walk into your SEXY!"

Thursday, October 10th, Hampton University’s Bad Girl Network, paired together with the New Era Model Troupe, to host their first event “Walk into your sexy” to the students of HU.

Attendees were given the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with the models of New Era, alongside the “Bad Girls”.

The event began with walking practices. New Era split the attendees into smaller groups, to give the practice a more “1-on-1” feel. The ladies were introduced and quickly after, began to work. With a few simple pointers, improvements were immediately made to these ladies’ walks.

The mission was to create a safe space for women to practice their “walk”, with zero judgement. Participants gained confidence within themselves, which furthermore created a positive atmosphere to bear improvement.

On top of these women gaining confidence, the event also served as a bonding event. Full of love and laughter, these ladies were able to connect and bond with people from various backgrounds.

On top of the beautiful bonds made, “Walk into your Sexy”, gave way for the brand to meet its new Treasurer, Taylar Brown. She took part in the class and later went on to apply for the position of Treasurer. On behalf of the team, we would formally LOVE, to welcome Taylar as a part of The Bad Girl Network!

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