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Megan Thee Stallion Influencing The Rap Culture

Megan Thee Stallion, more formally known as Megan Pete, has captivated the music industry with lyrical finesse, dance moves, as well as her branded movement, “Hot Girl Summer”.

As inspiration to women all over, Megan continues to put her schooling within the same scope of focus, as her extremely successful career. When asked if she was ashamed to be a student as well as managing her career, Pete responded, “Well why would I be ashamed of an education,”. Pete is continuously encouraging her fans or “hotties”, all over the world to pursue their dreams through a push of self-confidence. Pete’s pride lies in her feminism. Despite her tall stature, she encourages women of all backgrounds, to embrace their natural bodies, skin, and hair. As the first female rapper to be signed by 300 Entertainment, Pete continued to break the charts. Visits on radio stations as well as face-to-face rap battles, demonstrate her knowledge of the rap game’s earliest artists and styles. Granted, her music selection may be geared towards a more mature audience, “Thee Stallion”, has definitely become an increasingly large feminine influence to the rap culture.

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